Musings of An Eclectic Cowboy

May 14, 2008

A New Beginning

I write to you to as a start to something new. Over the last several months God has put on my heart to start writing again. Back several years ago I wrote several prose on Christian Spirituality from a Cowboys point of view. This will be similar but it wonít be just from the back of a horse gathering cattle. It is probably going  to include may different subject matters from ranching to current events, music and movies. Now granted everything that I talk about will be related to Christ but everything in the world is of Christ or results from the lack of Christ. Evil exists through the lack of Christ in the hearts of people.

 Now to explain the name Eclectic Cowboy. My Granddad Jack was a character. He farmed, ranched, drove a truck, owned a motel but loved to hunt and especially fish more than anything else. There is one thing that I can remember him saying that sticks in my memory ďI am a Jack of all trades and a master of noneĒ. As I look at my life that is the way I am too. I have a Masterís Degree in Ruminant Nutrition, I have been a Wheat Pasture Cowboy, a Ranch Hand, a Livestock Consultant, a Ranch Manager, a Preacher, a Heavy Equipment Operator, a Computer Consultant and I sold and installed Cell Phones at one time. In other words I have fulfilled my Granddadís definition. Now that title is way too long so I decided that I needed a shorter one. My wife watches HGTV and when I am bored and canít get the remote away from her to watch a John Wayne movie I will watch with her. In watching HGTV over the years one word keeps coming up, eclectic. This word has intrigued me and I felt that I knew what it meant but to make sure I looked up the definition on internet at and their definition is ďUnrelated and unspecialized. Crossing a range or mixture of specialtiesĒ. Thus the birth of The Eclectic Cowboy.

 I donít plan on writing these musings on regular basis especially not on a daily basis so you might get several in one week and then go a month or more before getting another one. But I hope that you enjoy them and are able to garner some truth out of them.

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Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport