Musings of An Eclectic Cowboy

May 15, 2008


 The other day on a very calm beautiful day I spent some time watching the Wind Turbines. Most of them were pretty confused not knowing which direction to turn or even not turning at all. But there were 4 turbines that were all turning each one facing a different direction. As I contemplated this I realized that even though each one of these turbines were facing a different direction they all had something in common. They all directly faced the Caprock and the canyon beyond it. What was going on was that even though the wind was not blowing, the air in the bottom of the canyon was warming up and rising up the canyon wall creating a thermal that provided just enough wind to turn the Turbines.

 At the time it reminded me of an elk hunt with some good friends several years ago near Taos, NM (a story I will have to share later). But tonight through the message of a friend it reminded me of something else.

 Imagine if you will the Holy Spirit as the wind turning the Turbines and the Turbines being us. Some of us donít connect with the Holy Spirit, some of us are confused by it and donít know which direction to go and then some of us connect with the wind and turn even though we are pointing in a different direction than everyone else.

The bottom line is that even though we may seem to be going in a different direction than everybody else if we have Christ in our hearts then we are all following the same Holy Spirit. It may lead us down a different path than everyone else, it may lead us to different people than everyone else but the goal is the same and the destination is the same.

Picture by Winfield Davenport

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport