Musings of An Eclectic Cowboy

June 1, 2008

It Is Finished

 “It is finished!” are the famous last words of Jesus as he was dying as told in John 19:30. These words signaled the end of his ministry on earth as a man. But these words actually signify the beginning and not the end because without the crucifixion of Jesus then there would not be a resurrection. And without the resurrection then we would not have a chance at eternal life.

 Just like Jesus, today I say that it is finished. Today I gave my last sermon as a Methodist Preacher. As I look back on my last several years I can’t say that I can brag about a lot of accomplishments. There have only been a few Baptisms due to Professions of Faith. The Churches that I have served have not grown. And I have on more than one occasion asked God why would he want me to be a pastor to only let me fail. But then I remember a story that I will share with you today.

 There was this man who while sleeping one night woke up to a room filled with light and the Voice of God. The Lord told him that he had a job to do. There was this huge rock in the front yard that He wanted him to push against with all of his might.

 So the man got up the next morning and started pushing. He pushed with all of his might. He pushed all day long and at the end of the day he went into his house wore out and sore. This he did day after day for several years until one day he went into his house totally spent thinking that what he was doing was in vain.

 Sensing the man’s discouragement Satan came to him and told him that he was a fool. That there was no reason for him to push on that rock that try as he might he would never budge it one single bit. The man thought about it and said that he was right. “I will keep pushing on the rock but only enough to get by. Why waste all of my energy on something that I can’t accomplish?”

 It was then that he complained to the Lord about what was happening. He asked him why would he give him a job that he couldn’t do. And God answered “I never told you to move the rock, I only told you to push. Over time you have gotten stronger. You are so much the better man than you were when you started. Through opposition your abilities have greatly surpassed what they first were. You have been obedient and have exercised your faith and trust in me. But remember despite your strength and ability only I can move the rock.”

 My efforts have not been in vain because I have been following God with faith and obedience.

 So my word to you is to push with all of your might, not expecting to be able to move the things that God has put before you but fully expecting God to move them in His time. Follow Him in Faith and Obedience no matter where it leads. And remember the words of the great Theologian Horton the Elephant in the movie Horton Hears a Who! “An Elephant is Faithful One Hundred Percent”.

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport