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October 28, 2008

This morning I was checking out the news online when I came across a video link for a story that I had read on Sunday. The story is about how a group called the Texas Spirit Seekers went looking for ghosts in the old Motley County Jail. Now I am not going to say one way or the other whether ghosts, sasquatches, vampires, mummies, UFOs or even chupacabras are real but I am going to comment on how gullible we tend to be.

Back several years ago I was working a Christian Camp for 8th and 9th graders. Well at this camp some of the counselors (myself included) started telling stories about a chupacabra that had been sited near the camp. Now before the week was over well over half of the campers believed that chupacabras existed and there had been several eye witness accounts from kids who had even seen one. All this happened because we were able to convince a few kids that the story was true and from there it took on a life of it's own.

This happens each and every day around us and it does not just happen with "ghost stories". We hear or read a report from the news and decide that it is gospel. We get an email and just know that it has to be true. We listen to the talk at the coffee shop and believe every word of it. And no matter what our party affiliation we believe that our candidate can't lie but that the other one can't tell the truth. It is just human nature to want to believe. It is human nature to then take that belief and perpetuate it to others. I personally have passed on stories that I have heard and believed to be true but later found out that I was misinformed.

My challenge to you is to not quit believing but to look at the stories with just enough skepticism to discern the truth. Not only do you need to do this with the stories that you come across on a daily basis but you need to relate this to your spiritual life also. Remember Christ is the truth and everything else is a lie. If we walk through life with our eyes wide open then we are not near as likely to miss the truth when we come upon it and we are also not near as likely to be deceived by the lies as we come across them.

Below is the video story of the ghost hunt in the Motley County Jail. Check it out for yourselves and decide is there really ghosts there or is someone trying to manipulate us to believe there is?

I have got to go, I hear some noise outside my window. I am not sure but it might be the ghost of Mrs. Lewis or the local Chupacabra looking for a goat to suck.


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