Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport



Devotion #3:


Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I'll be a living, sanctuary, for you.


As our Christian life goes on we sometimes lose our spark and love for the Holy Spirit. He never leaves us, but we aren't as into it. Beautiful songs like this song become empty as we sing them over and over. We all know that being a Christian can sometimes make you farther farther from God than intended. We run through the motions not truly praising God. If we set this kind of example to others, how will they come to know God and be saved? How can we truly be God's followers if we don't pay attention to his laws and words? As we set examples we should watch what we say and ask ourselves, "How is our relationship with God going?" We are the sheep and as we stray away from God we become lost in the world. Also remember that when your lost, God will come and find you and take you home.