Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport


El, la definite Ole! Un, una indefinite arriba!


We learned these little catchy sayings last year in Spanish. They mean the, a, and an. We were on the way home and saw some loose cattle. Then we glanced at the fence they were in and it was only vaguely there. It wasn't going to hold any cattle in. Is this how we repent? Do we gave an indefinite fence around our sin? Or is our fence definite and keeping God in and Satan out? You may ask, "What does fences have to do with repenting. Repenting is not only to ask for forgiveness, it is also to try your hardest to turn your back on that sin. If you don't repent, there is no fence. Imagine that God and Satan are cows. God is the white cows and Satan are the black ones. If you don't repent, you aren't building that fence that keeps the white cows in and the black cows out. If you don't repent you didn't even try to build it and the cows move as freely about as possible. Soon, all of the black cows are in your pasture and they have moved God completely out.

 If you repent to only continue to practice sin, you have built an indefinite fence. This fence has holes and has fallen at times to the point were it's basically on the ground. The cows can be moved in and out still even though it's only at a restricted amount. Soon you have the same result as having no fence. If you repent and rely on God to help you to turn your back in sin, then you have built a strong fence that will keep God in and Satin out. Let's try to built a strong relationship with God and work on repenting our sins.


God Bless!!!