Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport



Practice makes perfect.


Coaches tell you all the time, practice makes perfect. The more you practice the better you get. As Christians, we need to practice a Godly life-style. If we don't practice it, how can we show God's grace to others? But not only does practicing matter, practicing it right matters, too. If we are truly Christians, God wants' us to show others through our actions. If we practice an ungodly life-style, then who's going to believe us when we confess our faith? They'll look at why we practice and see someone who is not acting like a Christian and won't believe a word that they say because actions speak louder than words. If we just practice, then just think about how many lives we can save through example.


God Bless!!!