Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport


Devotional #5:


** "Follow the Yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road. A follow, a follow, a follow, a follow, a follow the yellow brick road."   **


In the Wizard of Oz they sing Follow the Yellow brick road. Do we, honestly follow that YELLOW brick road? Or do we just take the simpler looking RED brick road? Like they say, every mountain starts as a hill. So the impossible road might look simpler than God's road, but it's not. My Grandpa and I were on a four wheeler trip to an over look to the Santa Maria lake. We met a two forked road. We took one and had fairly easy going until we came to the tree. We aren't talking a log. We are talking about a BIG, HUGE, HONKING, TREE that had to be HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have been sad to turn back except it was getting a little spooky in that part of the forest, so we turned around and went home. Have you had those kind of joy rides that until it stops being fun you never see the creepy, spooky part of it? It always looks so inviting to see that new road. God warns us like the good witch not to take the other road. Follow the yellow brick road, not the red one. Follow God's road, not Satan. God doesn't make us choose his road, though. In America we are given the freedom of religion, speech, press, and many other rights. God gives us these rights, too and, like the government, warns us of the consequences of breaking onto the less pleasant path.  Hopefully we can speak to others and help them of of the impossible road and onto God's road.