Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport


Devotional #6


"Look for the silver lining, whenever a cloud appears in the blue."


Have you ever heard the song Look For the Silver Lining?" It tells you that every storm cloud in the sky has that little silver lining of hope made by the sun. Do you see the silver lining to the storm cloud of your life? Or is it only darkness. Do you even HAVE clouds? These questions are easily answered. Everyone has storm clouds in their sky. It may seem nice and pretty at the moment, but there are clouds there. Those Little thin clouds look harmless, but everyone in the desert knows that, that little cloud can become a violent, flooding rain cloud in no time at all. Then there are the people who haven't seen the sun in so long, they might not know it exists. They don't see that silver lining in the cloud that covers their lives. God makes that silver lining, because he loves us and hates seeing us in turmoil. Most people instead of moving toward the silver lining, go in the opposite direction deeper into the storm. There is an eye to that storm, but you have to be really in a bind to find it. Everyone is broken when they reach it. People can't reach you and the only one who can save you is GOD. If you see someone on the brink of hitting the eye wall, tell them about our savior and the way to escape. They'll feel that miracle that GOD does when he saves us. Like someone once said, "You have to really hate someone not to tell the about God and Jesus." So next time you see a storm or someone else in a storm, turn to God, because you'll never be alone.