Devotional written by Jianna Davenport age14

Vaya Con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport



my #1 band STELLAR KART!!! I wanna be a tree climber, I wanna be a tree climber.


This is one of the most random songs in the history of songs. I was listening to this album, when this song came on. All of the others had a clearer hidden meaning, but this one stumped me. My mom actually gave me this idea. It's a reference to Zackeus (the wee little man.) Things can seem so out of place. You notice a random friend that seems to need your help. The truth is that God puts random things out there to make them more noticeable. Are you more likely to notice a squirrel, or a penguin in a park. All tree climber is is that one line. It catches our attention by being short and random. We think about it until we realize what it's about.



God Bless!!!