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July 11, 2008


Well it is all over the news, Phil Gramm says of the people of the United States and I quote "We have sort of become a nation of whiners,” and you know what he is right. And now before you get upset with me and start whining and complaining about what I just said let me explain. The world is full of whiners and always has been. Just look in the Old Testament, Abram (Abraham) whined to God about not having a son in Genesis 15:2. The Israelites whined to Moses and God about being brought out of slavery in Exodus 17:3. Our Founding Fathers even whined and complained about the way England ruled over the Colonies. And I hate to admit it but when I look in the mirror I see the face of a whiner.

It is more or less the “squeaky wheel” theory of humanity. People believe that the squeaky wheel will get the grease. They see it in politics every day. Some special interest group starts complaining and puts on demonstrations and laws are made and money contributed to “grease the wheel”. We see it in life on a daily basis. The person who complains at the restaurant gets all of the attention. And on the news, people who are happy about the events that are happening in their lives are not as news worthy as someone who is complaining. The world is absolutely full of whiners.

Now that I have established that we are all whiners I want to talk about winners. A winner is a person that after whining they suck it up and get on with their lives. They accept what is happening and either go on with their lives or they do something about it. They are the ones that when life gives them lemons they make lemonade. A winner is someone who isn’t always successful but they don’t let the whining and complaining keep them down.

I don’t know about you but I know that I am a whiner but more importantly and I do have to work at it but I am also a winner. Someone who even though they get their teeth kicked out will still “Cowboy Up” and get the job done.

Now as for if we are in a “Mental Recession” or not I don’t know but I want you to think about one thing. I can’t think of anything that we do besides breathing and our hearts beating that doesn’t require some kind mental thought process to occur before it can physically happen. Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

Here is one of news pieces on this story. You decide who is actually whining.


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