Musings of an Eclectic Cowboy

July 15, 2008


This morning I woke up to thunder, lightning and then it started to rain. And right now it is just a wet dreary day. Around here this is a welcome sight. We have had a pretty good summer so far. Not a lot of moisture but just enough to green the grass back up and even to grow some grass. Now a lot of people donít like rainy days because they canít do anything outside and it is kind of depressing. But in nature without rain there will be no green grass, no trees and no flowers. There has to be rain for there to be growth and life.

Isnít that the way it is with us also. The happy days are full of sunshine and joy with everything going our way. The rainy days are full of sorrow and nothing goes our way. But if nothing bad ever happens to us and all we have is joy in our lives then we donít grow and we become a desert. For us to really live and enjoy life to the fullest we have to go through some bad times.

Now as with the real rain too much doesnít do a whole lot of good either. The ground can only accept so much moisture and then it starts to run off. It seems like a waste; it tears up a few things takes out a water gap or two and just keeps flowing down the river. But eventually it fills up tanks down river and even ends up in a lake and is used in the cities or on farms so there is good that comes out of it.

In our lives too many bad things cause damage to us also. Sometimes we get to the point that we donít think that we can handle anything else. But eventually we get over it, God does the needed repairs and we find out that we can use it to help others. It is like the water running down the creek it doesnít do me a whole lot of good but it does do someone else an awful lot of good.

Just remember into every life a little rain must fall and without that rain the sunshine doesnít do very much good.


Vaya con Dios

The Eclectic Cowboy

Winfield Davenport