Musings of an Eclectic Cowboy

July 24, 2008


My favorite time of the day is right at sunrise. I donít get to do it very often but I really like to step out on my back porch drinking a cup of coffee as the sun comes up. It is normally very peaceful as I listen to the quail, turkey and other birds talk. It is just a real good way to start a new day. And the best thing about it is that every 24 hours it comes again. And with each and every new day we get a chance to finish things that we didnít get finished the day before and start something new.

Life is the same way. We get chances to start a new day every time we turn around. But a lot of times our minds donít let us start fresh with a new day. It is as if we see our lives as one dark night and we canít even start imagining being able to start all over with a brand new day. But the fact of the matter is that everybody can have a chance to start over with a brand new day. Now that doesnít mean that we start fresh and donít have to answer for our past mistakes. What it means is that we can go forward and get beyond those mistakes. A new start is not about wiping out yesterday and pretending it didnít happen. It is about learning from our experiences both good and bad and becoming a better person because of it.

Also there is absolutely nothing that is so bad that a person does not deserve a new start. It doesnít matter if we do something like hurt the feelings of our best friend or commit the most heinous crime imaginable. We can start all over with a new day. But we have to make the decision and not someone else. To do this we have to decide that our old self is dead and will never come back. We also have to remember the terrible things that we have done so as to remind us not to venture back there.

Now there are always things that will either push or pull us back to yesterday but with the right help we can make it to tomorrow. With the help of Jesus and others today will turn into yesterday and a beautiful sunrise will break upon our lives. One that is full of hope, love, grace and mercy. Now once we experience that sun rise we may still make mistakes and get ourselves in trouble again and again but remember that tomorrow is always there and the sun is going to rise.

Photo by Winfield Davenport


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