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August 8, 2008

Mountain or Mole Hill

Have you ever looked at something and said that there is no way I can do that. It is just too big of a task and if I even try I will fail miserably. This is a feeling that everybody comes across every once and awhile. We look at something that looks like Mount Everest to us and we decide that there is no way that we can accomplish what we want to do.

This is something that has plagued human kind for centuries. This attitude caused the Israelites to wander in the desert for 40 years (Numbers 13-14). And every time we see some extremely hard task we react the same way they did.

I received an email today (Thanks Tom) with a link to a story and video about a young baseball player named Adam Bender. This 8 year old boy in Lexington Kentucky like any other young man loves to play soccer, baseball and football. He is the catcher for his baseball team and quarterback for his football team. You are probably thinking that this sounds like a normal 8 year old boy but this young man is just a little special. When he was 1 year old his leg was amputated because of cancer. This young man does not have a prosthesis because he says that it slows him down and he absolutely refuses to use a wheel chair. He uses crutches when he can but when he bats or plays quarterback they just get in the way so he hops around on his one leg.

Each and every one of us should learn from this young man. He turned a mountain into a mole hill. He persevered when most of us would have just laid down to die. Maybe he doesnít know any better and just doesnít realize that he can't do this. But maybe he is just looking around at the rest of us and wondering why we canít do any more than we can since we have two good legs.

You might just want to take another look at that mountain before you. It is probably not near as big as you think it is.

Here is a YouTube video of this young man in action.


And here is a link to a newspaper article written about him by Mike Fields. KID CAN DO IT ALL ON ONE LEG - Local -

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